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Digital Transformation

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Our Projects

Our experts have been involved in a variety of projects related to analytics, software usability and Industry 4.0

AI in Industry 4.0

We have worked with aerospace and automotive manufacturing to deliver agile tendering using the power of AI and ontologies.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence and data analytics clients include ODEON and online retail enablers, predicting customer demand and return behavior.

User-centred Health Software

Our experts apply user-centred software development and usability analysis to ensure adoption of software in knowledge-intensive domains including Health. For further details click here

Latest News

17 Nov 2022 – World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Today we note the World Pancreatic Cancer Day and would like to raise awareness about this disease which has one of the lowest survival rates for any kind of cancer.

Our team is proudly involved in the project iHelp funded by the European Union.  The system will use advance AI-based learning and decision support techniques for identifying and mitigating the risks associated with the Pancreatic Cancer.  It will also provide personalised recommendations to its users.  Click on this link to find out more about the iHelp project.

Flying September 2022

In our recent post we reported about the busy work over the summer but September proves to be even busier for the DS4 team.


We just attended the Kick off Meeting in Athens of this new European Project.  It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101070279.  Our contribution will be mainly in the area of secure and trustworthy data handling.


Meanwhile the work on the iHelp project continues in full speed and we reported on our progress to date at the 7th Consortium meeting in Rome along all the other partners.  Thank you for the presentation Nadia 😊

Time is flying on this project and we can’t believe that we are already planning the iHelp usability evaluations task.


Our next stop was Vienna where we demonstrated our TeamCreator product at the EFPF Open Call Final Review Event.

A video to walk you through the Team Creator features is available on this link

Busy Summer 2022

Our DS4 team worked hard over the summer wrapping up Systems and Deliverables in the EFPF and  iHelp projects, taking part in the Kick-off Meeting of the RoBetArme project and planning for the start on a new exciting project in September.

Thank you goes to all our researchers, collaborators and partners for their contributions in delivering the project work on time.