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Digital Transformation

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Business Analytics

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Health Software Usability

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Our Projects

Our experts have been involved in a variety of projects related to analytics, software usability and Industry 4.0

AI in Industry 4.0

We have worked with aerospace and automotive manufacturing to deliver agile tendering using the power of AI and ontologies.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence and data analytics clients include ODEON and online retail enablers, predicting customer demand and return behavior.

User-centred Health Software

Our experts apply user-centred software development and usability analysis to ensure adoption of software in knowledge-intensive domains including Health. For further details click here

Latest News

Progress with the Team Creator @ EFPF Project

It has now been 4 months after the start of our collaboration with the EFPF project.  In that time we submitted our first deliverables covering our IPR and Exploitation Plans, and also requirements analysis, architecture and scenario definitions regarding the Team Creator module, and the ways in which it will fit within the EFPF platform.  In the first months of 2022 we continue to work on prototype development, system integration and piloting.

One year in the iHelp Project

At the end of the first year of the iHelp project we submitted our first deliverable report which contains proposed functionality of key interfaces of the iHelp system, categorises potential iHelp users and provides further guidelines for the user interface development of the iHelp system.  The mobile interface part of the system aims to attract and retain users in a manner which maximizes the impact of the proposed health interventions.  At the same time the guidelines ensure that the software is developed in alignments with the requirements stipulated in relation to developing medical devices.

In 2022 work continues with further discussions about the functionality of the user interfaces


Working on a new EC project – European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing

We are pleased to announce that we have received cascade funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825075 for developing a TeamCreator module and integrating it into the Industry 4.0 platform of services provided by EFPF.  This will increase the visibility of our products and services through collaborating with cutting-edge companies throughout Europe.