AI in Action – Manchester – November 2023

Our Project Manager Petia Nikolova had the opportunity to attend this hugely popular event, as the photo below demonstrates; the second photo shows Petia receiving some financial advice during her Human-Machine conversation.  This was just one of the many examples that the participants experienced on the evening. Thank you Slalom for organising this wonderful event and the inspiring speeches. There is quite rightly a lot of worries over the risks from AI, however you pointed out and showcased the enormous advantages and potential for AI to help individuals, businesses and our societies.

Digisys4.0 is proud to work currently on the following 3 European-funded projects that involve AI and analytics:

  •  iHelp – the project uses advance AI techniques  to develop predictive models in identifying the risks associated with Pancreatic Cancer and to develop adaptive models for targeted prevention and intervention measures. 
  • RoBétArmé  – the project uses AI-based methods and techniques to deliver a human-robot collaborative construction system for the automation of shotcrete and assist humans working in dangerous working conditions.
  • MobiSpaces – the project uses AI technology to process and analyse vast quantities of data to predict trajectories of ships, predict malfunctions of electric vehicles and identify measures to reduce noise and improve air pollution from traffic.

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