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AI in Action – Manchester – November 2023

Our Project Manager Petia Nikolova had the opportunity to attend this hugely popular event, as the photo below demonstrates; the second photo shows Petia receiving some financial advice during her Human-Machine conversation.  This was just one of the many examples that the participants experienced on the evening. Thank you Slalom for organising this wonderful event and the inspiring speeches. There is quite rightly a lot of worries over the risks from AI, however you pointed out and showcased the enormous advantages and potential for AI to help individuals, businesses and our societies.

Digisys4.0 is proud to work currently on the following 3 European-funded projects that involve AI and analytics:

  •  iHelp – the project uses advance AI techniques  to develop predictive models in identifying the risks associated with Pancreatic Cancer and to develop adaptive models for targeted prevention and intervention measures. 
  • RoBétArmé  – the project uses AI-based methods and techniques to deliver a human-robot collaborative construction system for the automation of shotcrete and assist humans working in dangerous working conditions.
  • MobiSpaces – the project uses AI technology to process and analyse vast quantities of data to predict trajectories of ships, predict malfunctions of electric vehicles and identify measures to reduce noise and improve air pollution from traffic.

RoBétArmé Project – RTech4EUContsruction – Words of Innovation Campaign

Follow the link  to find out more about the Tech4EUContsruction collaborative cluster, a joint initiative between the RoBétArmé, BEEYONDERS, and HumanTech EU-funded projects.

The DS4 team took part in the Words of Innovation Campaign with 2 short videos about Worker-Friendly Technologies on this link and  Digital Transition on this link

Thank you Petia and Nadia for your work on this and video performance (almost professional!) 🙂

Unveiling Progress: Evolution and Trajectories of MobiSpaces Use Cases in Urban and Maritime Innovations – 31 Oct 2023 10.30 CEST

If you have followed the developments of the MobiSpaces project to which DS4 is a partner in a strong consortium, here is an opportunity to take part in the follow-up Webinar and find out what has been achieved in the first year of the project by each of the five Use cases. 

The agenda and how to register can be found on this link.

We look forward to seeing you there 🙂

ICAMCS 2023 iHelp Special Session

The iHelp project has been assigned a special session during this year’s ICAMCS conference; the title is: “AIPER: AI and Big Data Applications towards Person-centered eHealth, Personalized Recommendations and Improved QoL”.

The event will provide an excellent opportunity to explore the latest advancements in AI and Big Data applications for healthcare, including integrated health records, personalized recommendations, clinical decision support systems, health data spaces, and much more.

Among the experts and professionals in the field of eHealth who will discuss and present their research results will be the distinguished speakers who will share their expertise in AI-based personalized healthcare applications from both technical and medical perspectives:

Further details about the session including how to participate alongside our project partners can be found on the iHelp project website – link

iHelp Project – 9th General Assembly Meeting – June 2023

It was a pleasure for the DS4 team to take part in the recent 9th General Assembly meeting.  The day spent at the hospital in Dénia in addition to the meetings in València provided a valuable experience at the Spanish pilot site. 

The event marked an important milestone to the project with live demonstrations by the technical partners that facilitated pilot partners scenarios.

Thank you Salva, Oscar and your teams for this memorable visit 😊

RoBétArmé Project – Third General Assembly Meeting – Valencia – May 2023

The technical partners from Robotnik hosted the above meeting at their company premises in Valencia and provided us with the exciting opportunity to see their robotics products.

The discussions with the project partners were a further step towards achieving the project goals of digitalisation and automation of the shotcrete application.

The DS4 team presented our plans for involving users in the development of the software systems and robotic platforms.

Robotnik, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit, thank you for having us 😊

Further details about the RoBetArme project can be found here

Freezing Sofia provides a very warm welcome for the iHelp 8th General Assembly meeting

For many partners this was a first visit to our beautiful country and they experienced some warm Bulgarian hospitality during proper Bulgarian winter.

We are in the 3rd year of the iHelp project and partners were keen to demonstrate their progress with tasks and systems.  In-depth discussions between pilot and technical partners were much needed at this stage and they proved to be very productive.

Congratulations to our collaborators from Kodar for the excellent organisation of the event! 














The authentic dining places showcasing the Bulgarian culinary traditions were much appreciated at the end of the long constructive days. We from DS4 can take some credit for assisting with this social aspect 🙂

MobiSpaces Project – Important Developments

1st General Assembly Meeting – MobiSpaces – Vienna 23-24 Jan 2023

We hope that all partners safely returned home today after 2 days of intensive and productive discussions in Vienna.

The DS4 work to date and forthcoming plans have been presented by our expert Dr Sonia Cisneros-Cabrera; the rest of the team attended and contributed virtually.

The picture doesn’t do justice to the way Sonia captivated the audience– thank you Sonia!

MobiSpaces Webinar – 31 Jan 2023

We are delighted to share the news about the first MobiSpaces webinar which will take place on 31 Jan 2023 between 11 am and 12.15 pm CET. The topic is ‘Meet the MobiSpaces Use Cases: Innovations for Urban and Maritime Domains’.

For the webinar description and registration link click here

If you have an interest in environment or mobility-related data as a researcher, policy maker, software developer or citizen scientist, we are urging you to attend and hear first-hand from our 5 Use Cases partners and project coordinators.