ENACT Project Technical Meeting – May 2024

ENACT Project Technical Meeting – May 2024

The beautiful coastline of Lisbon – Costa Caparica hosted the first ENACT project technical meeting this week.  Our Research Associate Nadia participated face-to-face and presented the DS4 team’s vision for contributing to the technical requirements of the project, reported on the status of our component development and answered the partners’ questions at this stage. Thank you Nadia!

Thank you also to Tiago and the Unparallel team for taking such good care of all partners 😊

Onwards and upwards from here 😊

iHelp Project – Further Evaluation Meetings with the Pilots

Last month we reported on the focus group discussions with the end-users from the Medical University Plovdiv, Bulgaria; in May it was the DS4 team’s turn to visit the University of Manchester pilot.

Thank you Uniman team for providing your insights on your experience with the iHelp platform.  It was good to hear your belief that the iHelp solutions and the technology in general will have an increasing role in the fight against Pancreatic Cancer.

Keep smiling and keep up the good work!

Usability Evaluation of the iHelp Solutions – MUP Pilot – Plovdiv – April 2024

It’s time for wide-ranging communication with the iHelp project end-users and gathering their feedback on the usability of the iHelp platform.  The DS4 team are pleased to lead on this task and perform the evaluation analysis in collaboration with all pilot partners.

3 weeks after meeting the patients who participated in the Plovdiv trial, the DS4 team conducted another focus group meeting in Plovdiv. This time the usefulness and effectiveness of the iHelp solutions have been discussed face-to-face with the Health Care Professionals who took part in the trial.

Special thanks go to Rosti and to you all for taking time to meet with us and provide most valuable feedback.  We appreciate it even more considering that we held the meeting just before the start of the Easter holidays in Bulgaria.  Happy Easter to you all!

We know we can rely on your photographic skills Pencho.  It’s always a pleasure working with you and your Kodar team 😊

ENACT Project – Kick off Meeting – Thessaloniki 15-16 February 2024

Nadia, Zhilber and the rest of the DS4 team had yet another busy project week; the focus this time was on the KoM of the ENACT project in Thessaloniki.

ENACT aims to deliver breakthrough techniques and disruptive technology solutions to target this need for efficient and intelligent content and data processing, using all suitable resources available in the edge-cloud continuum.

The KoM presented a wonderful opportunity for the project partners to meet one another in person and discuss their collaboration in the project tasks and work packages followed by discussions around the planning pipeline, organizing of regular catch-up meetings and alignment of the workload.

We got off to a promising start 🙂

iHelp Project – 11th General Assembly Meeting – Athens – January 2024

This was an important forum for the iHelp project partners to align on project activities and discuss the wrapping up of work in the remaining few months on the project.

Our Research Associate Nadia presented our main achievements and work planned. 

The DS4 team has been working with the project pilots and developers to ensure that the iHelp software solutions are usable and impactful.

We combined this event with conducting an observation meeting with the clinical team from the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli IRCCS pilot and gathered their opinion and comments about the clinicians-facing user interfaces.  Thank you Stefania and Patricia for your time and valuable feedback 😊

RoBétArmé Project – Workshop with End-Users – December 2023

This workshop was a joint collaboration between the DS4, MORE and UNI teams held in Copenhagen.

We demonstrated some prototypes of the software systems and robotic platforms and then conducted a fruitful discussion with the end-users from CEAS and ARUP and gathered their feedback on what has already been proposed and developed in the first 18 months of the RoBétArmé project.  There was also a productive discussion about the learning materials and training courses that will be developed for the employees in construction and robotic industries.

Thank you CEAS for your wonderful hospitality yet again  and Merry Christmas to you all!

iHelp System Launch – Plovdiv – 24 November 2023

Teams from the Bulgarian companies Kodar, DS4 and from the Medical University Plovdiv (MUP) organised an event at MUP to roll out the prototype developed on the EU-funded project iHelp to the Plovdiv pilot.  They provided a demo of the iHelp system to a number of medical specialists.  The project uses advanced AI and decision support techniques to analyse health-related data of individuals in order to provide early identification and mitigation of the risks associated with Pancreatic Cancer.  Presenting the project ideas to the medical specialists from MUP  was a very important step to gather feedback from them and to thus ensure the success of iHelp.

The demo was followed by a lengthy and fruitful discussion which confirmed the growing interest in the system and its exciting potential.

Like most events these days, this was a hybrid event; a number of busy professionals joined the event online; the important thing was that everyone’s comments and recommendations were heard and noted.

MUP is now ready to start with recruiting patients for the pilot who will be monitored. The iHelp technical teams are at hand to provide support every step of the way.

Thank you guys for working so hard for this event, and especially Rosti, Yancho, Pencho, Diana, Ainhoa, Pavlos, Rafa, Aristodemos, Giorgos and George!

AI in Action – Manchester – November 2023

Our Project Manager Petia Nikolova had the opportunity to attend this hugely popular event, as the photo below demonstrates; the second photo shows Petia receiving some financial advice during her Human-Machine conversation.  This was just one of the many examples that the participants experienced on the evening. Thank you Slalom for organising this wonderful event and the inspiring speeches. There is quite rightly a lot of worries over the risks from AI, however you pointed out and showcased the enormous advantages and potential for AI to help individuals, businesses and our societies.

Digisys4.0 is proud to work currently on the following 3 European-funded projects that involve AI and analytics:

  •  iHelp – the project uses advance AI techniques  to develop predictive models in identifying the risks associated with Pancreatic Cancer and to develop adaptive models for targeted prevention and intervention measures. 
  • RoBétArmé  – the project uses AI-based methods and techniques to deliver a human-robot collaborative construction system for the automation of shotcrete and assist humans working in dangerous working conditions.
  • MobiSpaces – the project uses AI technology to process and analyse vast quantities of data to predict trajectories of ships, predict malfunctions of electric vehicles and identify measures to reduce noise and improve air pollution from traffic.

RoBétArmé Project – RTech4EUContsruction – Words of Innovation Campaign

Follow the link https://www.robetarme-project.eu/tech4euconstruction-cluster/  to find out more about the Tech4EUContsruction collaborative cluster, a joint initiative between the RoBétArmé, BEEYONDERS, and HumanTech EU-funded projects.

The DS4 team took part in the Words of Innovation Campaign with 2 short videos about Worker-Friendly Technologies on this link and  Digital Transition on this link

Thank you Petia and Nadia for your work on this and video performance (almost professional!) 🙂

Unveiling Progress: Evolution and Trajectories of MobiSpaces Use Cases in Urban and Maritime Innovations – 31 Oct 2023 10.30 CEST

If you have followed the developments of the MobiSpaces project to which DS4 is a partner in a strong consortium, here is an opportunity to take part in the follow-up Webinar and find out what has been achieved in the first year of the project by each of the five Use cases. 

The agenda and how to register can be found on this link.

We look forward to seeing you there 🙂