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Our experts bring a wealth of experience from Business Information Systems, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics sectors. We focus on only one thing: your needs.

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Dr Nikolay Mehandjiev

Prof. Nikolay Mehandjiev is a Professor of Enterprise Information Systems in the UK. His research focuses on the user-centric design of intelligent enterprise systems and the role of disruptive technologies. His specialisms are in the areas of requirements, usability, personalisation and socio-technical factors. He has co-authored two books and has guest-edited four special issues of international journals, with more than 120 peer-reviewed papers. His outputs are grounded in real industrial needs through a series of collaborative projects with blue-chip companies such as Airbus, BT and SAP, e.g. his collaboration with BT has resulted in three patent applications.

Dr Evtim Peytchev

Dr. Evtim Peytchev is Reader in Wireless, Mobile and Pervasive Computing in the UK. His main  research  domain is wireless and mobile computing paradigms for Connected and Autonomous Cars (CAV) – V2X solutions based on 802.11p and G5. He has written the educational course in “Connectivity” for CAV for the Connected Places Catapult in UK. He is working towards identifying and delivering novel wireless and mobile communication solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The main topics in this domain are ad-hoc networking, C2X communication, mobile phone apps solutions, mobile networking and collaborative (between the cars, pier-to-pier) knowledge generation.  Evtim is also Research Leader of the Intelligent Simulation, Modelling and Networking Group.


Ognian Obretenov

Ognian Obretenov is a Software Engineer and a solutions company proprietor. He has 25 years of experience in solutions development and research focused on business software and database design/development using different languages and platforms. Ognian also has experience in Industrial Automation, including integration between CNC, PLC, SCADA and Database solutions. As Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Sofia – Plovdiv branch, he has researched in and taught real-time operating systems, system analysis of information systems and databases.

Dr Fethi Rabhi

Prof. Fethi Rabhi is a Professor in Computer Science and Engineering in Australia. His main expertise is in Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Web Technologies and Applications in Business, Finance and Economics (E-Business, Financial Trading, Electronic Markets and Banking). He worked extensively as a Chief Investigator and Program Manager as part of the Smart Services Cooperative Research Centre in Australia and the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) which involved partners from Fintech, health and media sectors. Fethi is also a consultant and software author with practical experience in leading several software development projects.

Dr Maria Papadaki

Dr. Maria Papadaki is an Associate Professor at the British University in Dubai (BUiD) and a Managing Director for the BUiD_Centre for Risk and Innovation (DCRI). Her expertise is in Risk Management having worked previously as a Risk Manager in Rolls-Royce plc and Senior Relationship Manager at The University of Manchester. In 2018 Maria was appointed at the Board of Directors for the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) in London. Under this profile, she leads the global education and training standards strategy for IRM. Maria is a visiting lecturer at The University of Manchester, and her research is now focused on integrating disruption technologies (Blockchain, AI etc.) with Enterprise Risk Management.

Dr Nadia Masood

Dr. Nadia Masood is working as a researcher on European projects at Digital Systems 4.0. She has obtained her PhD degree in electrical engineering through Commonwealth Split-site PhD programme from Durham University UK and UET Pakistan. Her research focuses on machine learning techniques, neuro-evolutionary methodologies, evolutionary computation, artificial neural networks, genetic programming, random forest and time-series data analytics. She has worked as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher on disaster management projects including earthquake early warning systems and flood forecasting using AI. She also has experience of working as a Project Manager on research and development (R&D) projects, managing progress reports and deliverables.

Dr Sonia Cisneros-Cabrera

Dr. Sonia Cisneros-Cabrera has a background in Computer Science and has been involved as an IT Business Consultant for the development of expert systems in different domains professionally since 2015. Her experience also includes research work related to human-computer interaction, digitalisation and inter-organisational collaboration in the context of Industry 4.0. She also took part as a research associate and contribution manager in the European R&D project DIGICOR — a platform composed of tools and services that digitalise the agile coordination of organisations across supply chains, developed with 11 partners involved from 6 EU countries. Dr Cisneros was part of the team from The University of Manchester which focused on the development of a matchmaking system for partnering manufacturing companies, and in the governance aspects of the DIGICOR platform.

Zhilber Baev

Zhilber Baev is working as an IT Project Manager on our EU-funded projects. He has a background in Technical Business Analysis and Project Management within multinational IT Service and FinTech companies, has also led product management and strategy for AI-enabled mind-mapping tool at a startup and lectured in IT Business Analysis at SoftUni, Bulgaria. Zhilber holds a Bachelor’s degree in IT Management for Business from the University of Manchester. His involvement in projects spans Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data, including research on ChatGPT as a Generative AI support tool for Software Developers. Additionally, he participated in the 2023 CaseIT MIS Case Competition in Vancouver, Canada, focusing on projects utilizing connected chatbots for enhanced customer support and exploring emerging opportunities in Diffusion Model Machine Learning solutions.

A selection of publications by our experts:

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