Our Services

Industry Training

Our team of senior academics and industry experts specializes in the delivery of bespoke short courses either face-to-face anywhere in the world or on-line.  Examples of the training courses we can provide are ‘Introduction to Digital Transformation Initiatives’, ‘Big Data Technologies and Business Analytics’, ‘Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Benefits and Risks of Contemporary Businesses’, ‘Industry 4.0 Vision, Technologies and Impact on Businesses’.  Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Digital Transformation

Successful Digital Transformation implies full alignment of the Business Strategy, Organisational Strategy and the IT Strategy for the enterprise.  Digital technology should not be introduced because it is modern but because it can enable new business strategy or improve organisational effectiveness.  Our experts have provided consultation on digital transformation initiatives in Europe, Taiwan and the Middle East, and would be happy to engage with your company.  Please contact us for a free no-obligation discussion.  

Business Analytics

To extract the full value of data, companies need to develop appropriate analytics skills and environment, moving up the value chain from descriptive and diagnostic to predictive and prescriptive analytics.  We will be happy to engage in one of the following: (a) direct consulting project, where we conduct analysis of your data in full confidence to show you how you can extract value from your data; (b) analytics show-and-teach sessions where we provide hands-on training customised to your needs and capabilities; or (c) analytics strategy consulting, where we help you progress further along the analytics capability ladder developed by our specialists.

Usability, End-User Training and Evaluations

We apply user-centred software development and usability analysis to ensure adoption of software in knowledge-intensive domains including Health. and well-being  We have worked with a UK-based NHS Trust to study the adoption of advisory applications by clinicians, with University of Manchester researchers to study the uptake of mobile apps, and with blue-chip process companies to study the adoption of AI by R&D scientists.  Our current projects include research on explainable AI to support the adoption of pathology detection solutions.

Software Services in Smart Cities and Industry

Information and mobile services such as route advisory and weather forecast increasingly shape the way people conduct their daily activities in a smart city and work in industry.  We can help you put such services to your advantage.

Simulation and Business Engineering

To engineer optimal dynamic performance of your business we can create dynamic simulation models using system-dynamics or discrete event simulations, with solid experimental techniques ensuring valid and precise results.